My name is Leslie Bruckman. I’m a mother of my two wonderful kiddos and the confectionery genius (and owner) behind Nom Nom Sweeties! I started baking cakes for family as a hobby over 12 years ago! In 2011 I took a plunge and opened my business, jumping into making cakes full time. Since then, I’ve made 100’s of cakes professionally. I’m a one girl show doing all of the baking, decorating, and admin work all on my own.

Growing my Business

I struggled for nearly a year after opening with very little business, and something had to give. There weren’t nearly as many resources available then as there are now. So, I did what I could by doing craft shows, my local farmer’s market, artisan market and networking like crazy. That helped spread the word among my community a little but wasn’t enough.

In 2012 I co-founded The Bridal Association of Shiawassee County with of few of my friends in the wedding industry. Our aim was to bring together all the local wedding vendors so we could to support each other. We are our own group of “preferred vendors” and friends. We regularly give word of mouth recommendations and information to local engaged couples about each other’s services.

That fall, we partnered with a couple local venues and hosted our “1st Annual Fall Bridal Show”. We now put on two bridal shows each year in the Owosso area and we all work together to plan our shows start to finish. In doing all of this, we have helped get all of our businesses out into our local communities and helped us grow. For most of us, these shows provide the majority of our bookings and it was key to growing my business.

Branching Out

These days, my business thrives mostly on its own and by word of mouth. Many of my customers say my cakes are not only beautiful but taste as good as they look. I have some of the most amazing and dedicated customers. Without them, I don’t know where I’d be!

Often within the Bridal Association, I would share whatever knowledge I could to help others grow their businesses. One night, I was told by a friend that I know quite a lot about business. They told me I should teach. I researched what I could do to help others and found information on blogging. I wanted to share with others and teach them how to grow their cake businesses! It has been a year-long journey of research and contemplation, but I FINALLY decided to take the plunge!

My hopes are to share and guide other cake bakers into world of full-time business ownership! The path from hobby baker to full-time business was rough. I had to teach myself everything I needed to know about running my business and it didn’t always go well. There was a LOT of trial and error. I want to use everything I’ve learned to help give those budding cake bakers have an easier time achieving their business goals. My hope is to provide you with as much information and tools possible so that you will have a much less time!