FAQ & Booking Policies


We operate in a private cake studio located in a private residence in Owosso, Michigan. We operate in home under the Cottage Food Laws of Michigan. Our address is available upon request for those who are booking orders by appointment only.


Our pricing varies. You can learn more by checking out our Wedding Cakes and Party Cakes pages, by emailing us for a quote at nomnomsweeties@gmail.com or filling out the contact form located on our Contact Page.


All orders are booked on a first paid, first booked basis. In order to book, you must have a completed and verified order form, signed cake contract, and pay a 50% order retainer deposit to hold and secure your order and date.

When Should I Place My Order?

As soon as possible! I'm a one-person show and tend to fill up pretty far in advance. If I have availability, I will always try to fit in your order, but once I book to capacity on a given weekend, I no longer take orders.


Due to the wildly and quickly changing food industry, ingredient prices tend to raise and lower sporadically and without notice. For this reason, most quotes expire after 14 days. In order to secure your order and price, please book your order as soon as possible after receiving your quote.

One Year Limit

Please note that upon placing an order that is on a date more than one year in the future, your order may be subject to change in price if our cake prices increase.

Tasting and Consults

We offer 1-hour tasting and consultation appointments for weddings only. Please see our Wedding Cakes page to learn more about wedding cake pricing, tasting and consultations, and to get the ball rolling on your cake quote!

Cake Sketches

Cake sketches are not started or completed until after a cake is booked with a deposit. Multiple cake sketches may be done until the customer is completely satisfied with their sketch.

*We do NOT provide sketches to potential customers only asking for a quote.


We do not do cake mockups.

Retainer Deposits

Retainer Deposits are 50% of an order total that is due upon booking your order. Retainer Deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations on Behalf of The Cake Purchaser

Cancellations on behalf of The Cake Purchaser forfeit their retainer deposits. Wedding orders forfeit their balance payments after a certain point once the final balance has been paid in full.

Cancellations on behalf of Nom Nom Sweeties

Cancellations on behalf of Nom Nom Sweeties may happen due to uncontrollable life situations, Acts of God, difficult customers, unreasonable requests that aren't financially compensated, closure of the business, etc without explanation. We will attempt to notify the customer of a cancellation as soon as possible. The customer will receive a FULL refund of the cake total including the Retainer Deposit.

Change of Date

Orders that are canceled within a reasonable time frame, prior to work being completed on the order (including sugar work like flowers and decorations) may be rescheduled to an available date in the future within a 6-month time limit. In this case, the retainer fee would not be lost.

Cake Handling Guide

All orders will be given a cake handling guide at the time of pickup or delivery. For weddings, this guide given to the Venue Coordinator, Wedding Planner or other person in charge at the venue once the delivery is completed. The instructions contained within this guide will explain to how to properly drive with your cake, set up your cake, cut and serve your cake and how to avoid any problems with your cake. These instructions are important to follow to the letter. Failure to follow the directions, especially in the case of a customer pick up, may result in irreparable harm coming to your cake.

****Please note that while we will attempt to fix the damage if possible, that any damage caused on behalf of The Cake Purchaser or their event guests after the cake has left the premises of our cake studio or been delivered, is the fault of The Cake Purchaser and not Nom Nom Sweeties. ****


For all order problems, there will instructions in which The Cake Purchaser must follow contained in your Cake Handling Guide. Nom Nom Sweeties must be notified of problems at the moment of their occurrence. We will attempt to help with the problem if possible and may be able to fix most problems if they are properly brought to our attention. In the case of problems that are the fault of Nom Nom Sweeties, a partial or full refund may be owed, but only when the cake is returned in full. Again, please follow the directions in your Cake Handling Guide to the letter.